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Fracking May Be Worse Than Burning Coal

Bill McKibben Sep 10, 2014   

If you’re a politician, science is a bitch; it resists spin. And a new set of studies—about, of all things, a simple molecule known as CH4—show that … >>

Weaving the Community Resilience and New Economy Movement Report

Marissa Mommaerts Ken White Sep 9, 2014   

Introduction A movement is emerging in many places, under many guises: New Economy (or Economies), Regenerative Economy, Solidarity Economy, Next Economy, Caring Economy, … >>

Quite Possibly the Dumbest Thing the Mustache Ever Wrote

Asher Miller Sep 8, 2014   

Over the weekend The New York Times published what could very well be the dumbest column Thomas Friedman has ever written. I know, I know… How could that be … >>

Introducing Petrolify®: The Power of Petroleum in One Little Pill

Asher Miller Sep 3, 2014   

Imagine there was a pill you could take every day that would provide you with wealth, freedom, and luxuries beyond the imagination of even the wealthiest kings of yesteryear. Well, guess what? You’re already taking it. And it’s called Petrolify®. >>

Why Peak Oil Refuses to Die

Richard Heinberg Sep 2, 2014   

Perhaps you’ve seen one of the recent barrage of articles claiming that fears of an imminent peak and decline in world oil production have either been dispelled >>

The Peak Oil Crisis: When?

Tom Whipple Aug 25, 2014   

The key question is just how many more months or years production of U.S. tigh toil will continue to grow. >>

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Hughes on the end of fracking at Vice News

David Hughes    Sep 8, 2014

Post Carbon Fellow David Hughes' work on the shale bubble … >>

McKibben on IPCC leaked report and climate policy at Democracy Now!

Bill McKibben    Aug 28, 2014

Post Carbon Fellow Bill McKibben was interviewed on … >>

Hughes quoted on US shale in the Financial Times

David Hughes    Aug 26, 2014

Post Carbon Fellow David Hughes was quoted in this article … >>

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Conversations with Great Minds: Richard Heinberg

25:40    Aug 4, 2014

Richard Heinberg interviewed on RT's Great Minds August … >>

The Converging Environmental and Economic Crises

1:28:57    Jul 29, 2014

PCI Board Member Nate Hagens made this presentation at … >>

Start Sharing: Annie Leonard interviews Janelle Orsi (audio)

20:49    Jul 23, 2014

Download on iTunes In this episode of The Good Stuff, … >>

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